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What is a Chemical Health Assessment in Mendota Heights MN?

To schedule, call   612-249-3656. A Chemical Health Assessment in Mendota Heights is a comprehensive evaluation used determine if a person has a problem related to alcohol, drugs, substance abuse or chemical dependency. Following the completion of the Chemical Health Assessment, the person is provided with recommendations. Recommendations vary from person-to-person and can be simple suggestions such as speak to your doctor about quitting smoking to attend "rehab" for alcohol- or drug-related problems.

If a person has alcohol or drug related criminal charges, such as a DWI or DUI, a Chemical Health Assessment will be court ordered in Minnesota. The recommendations are used by judges and probation officers and can impact a person’s court outcomes and probation supervision requirements. The court system will expect that a person follows all recommendations, including if alcohol or drug treatment is recommended.

Most people call their local Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center, or “rehab,” for their assessment – out of convenience. According to research from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, treatment center evaluators often lack the advanced education to provide quality assessments, misdiagnosis a person as an “alcoholic” or “drug addict,” and are more likely to recommend intensive treatment over the lowest level of appropriate medical care for a person with an actual problem. Further, treatment centers are biased toward their treatment services and oftentimes recommend their treatment center offerings, which is viewed by some as a conflict of interest.

It is important to meet with a "Private" Chemical Health Assessor:

  1. Private Chemical Health Assessors are unbiased and work for you.
  2. Private Assessors act as your personal advocate, not a treatment center, “rehab,” or governmental agency representative. Working with a private evaluator with advanced education ensures you do not get mislabeled and pressured into treatment when not medically appropriate, which are lengthy, costly, and disruptive to one’s life.
  3. Your Chemical Health Evaluation can be kept away from your permeant medical record.
  4. If you are seeking alcohol and drug counseling, Private Assessors are more likely to refer you to the best available treatment; whereas, a treatment center evaluator is more likely to refer you into their rehab program - even when it is not the best fit. For example, you may have the goal of learning how to moderate your drinking, but a treatment center evaluator will typically refer you into their “abstinence-based” program.

Where should I go for a private Chemical Health Evaluation in Mendota Heights MN?

Michael,   612-249-3656, is a medical professional working in private practice in Mendota Heights through Avitity Health.

Michael received his addiction medicine training and psychology degree from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He authored, A Frenzied Mind: Clarifying the science behind addictive disorders. Additionally, he is an experienced MN- and court-certified Chemical Health Evaluator.

Selecting Michael to complete your Chemical Health Assessment has many benefits:

 Collaboration will occur. Michael cares about your wants and needs. He will complete the assessment with recommendations that interest you.
 Your goals take priority, not a treatment centers profit margin.
 Your assessment can be kept off your permanent medical record.
 There’s no risk of being mislabel an “addict,” “alcoholic,” having a chemical dependency issue, substance abuse problem, or substance use disorder.
 There’s no risk of excessive or inappropriate “rehab” or addiction treatment recommendations, which would be expensive and require time away from your family and/or job.
 If you’re seeking help to moderate or quit chemical use because of substance abuse or chemical dependency concerns, Michael can refer you to the most effective, professionally-ran clinics based upon your specific goals.
 Direct, after-hours access to Michael.
 You will secure a personal advocate who will go above and beyond for you. If desired, Michael will write a professional opinion to Ramsey, Hennepin, Mendota Heights, or Dakota, or other County Court judges. This is especially impactful for criminal charges – such as DWI or DUI - or family court-ordered assessments.

Locations for a Chemical Health Evaluation

Michael provides private, court- and Minnesota-certified Chemical Health Assessments to individuals in St Paul, Minneapolis and the surrounding metro. He can be reached directly at 612-249-3656.

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Steps to complete a Chemical Health Assessment

  1. Schedule your appointment by calling 612-249-3656.
  2. The day of your appointment, bring your photo identification and court documents (such as a letter from MN Driving and Vehicle Services or a DUI or DWI citation).
  3. Meet with your Assessor for the Chemical Health Evaluation interview.
  4. Provide contact information for “collateral contacts,” which are the people that need to be involved in the assessment.
  5. After the assessment, a recommendation letter will be sent to you with your chemical dependency evaluation results.

Patient rights during a Chemical Health Assessment in MN

  • You have the right to respect – the same courtesy that you expect from any other medical professional.
  • You have the right to not to be pressured into treatment or “rehab.”
  • You have the right to agree to or decline any recommended treatment services. You are the ultimate authority of your own health care.
  • You have the right to a second opinion if you disagree with your Chemical Health Assessment.
  • You have the right to have your health information kept private and secure as regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Chemical Health Assessment are also referred to as Substance Use Assessments, Rule 25 Assessments, Chemical Dependency Evaluations, CD Assessments, and Comprehensive Substance Use Disorder Assessments.